Pastor’s Desk

Then It Came To Me…


“Rest – Not A Good Notion, But A Godly Necessity.”

     There is so much to do. The work never seems to end. It is fulfilling; it is rewarding; it is challenging; it is needful. It is also plentiful, painstaking, and a pressing reality.

     It needs to be done, does it not? Yes, it does, however, all of it does not need to be done this moment. After expending a great amount of energy to accomplish a certain mission, our Lord directs us to be refreshed and replenished. My great and godly Mother said, “Do some, and rest some!”

     Often, we let the urgency of getting it all done lead us into unhealthy, unholy habits. We over-extend ourselves. We must realize and acknowledge this continual abuse will render us less qualified for the next mission.

     Then, unholy, unwholesome compulsions to compete can suck us into reckless obsessions with doing it faster, bigger, or better than anyone else. This certainly is not our Lord’s method for expansion.

     So, what are we to do?  Well, we must know that our work portions, our assignments, are meted out by the Holy Spirit. In matters of kingdom building, He is our construction manager. He decides who, what, when, where, how, and why. So, to be in the will of God regarding Christian work, we must be attuned to His Holy Spirit.

     Then, when assignments are given, go to work. Work earnestly and passionately. Work joyfully, without grumbling or complaining. Be committed. Finish the work. Now, when that portion of work is done, obey the model taught by our Lord. Mark 6:7-13 tells of the instruction, commission, and labor of “the twelve” for a particular mission. They are called to him and sent in two’s having been given power over unclean spirits (v. 7). Verses twelve and thirteen reveal that they went forth in obedience, preaching repentance, casting out devils, and ministering healing to the sick. Please note that verse thirty has the twelve returning to Jesus with reports of “all things, both what they had done, and what they had taught.” Remember accountability. A report is due.

     Finally, we are at verse thirty-one (31). This is the most salient point. Hear the Word of the Lord: “And He said unto them, ‘Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while:’ for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.”

Saints, let us be wise, and do likewise.


Shalom, my Friends,

Bishop Kenneth C. Doe

Bethesda Christian Fellowship