• Ministries

    Bethesda Ministries Seeking to understand God’s unfolding plan for our church family, we build on the Mission and Vision Statements. Below is a list of ministries currently in operation. Please know that individual or group listings do not necessarily reflect all items or acts of ministry occurring in that ministry. This list gives indications of

  • Mission Statement

    Mission Statement of Bethesda Christian Fellowship  As a Christian fellowship, we seek to fulfill the biblical mandate to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. It is our sincere intent to participate with the Lord in the salvation of the lost, the reclaiming of backsliders, the maturing of our fellowship, and serving as

  • About Us

    Any Christian church or fellowship must have a clear, Holy Bible generated Mission Statement. This might be compared to the heart in the human body or the engine in an automobile. It is most essential. The Mission Statement is the general, over-arching goal of the church. The Vision might be called the meat on the