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Message From Our Pastor

Message From Our Pastor


Redeeming the time.” These words are part of the verse of scripture located at Ephesians 5:16. Our Holy Scripture is full of directives, suggestions and admonitions. All of this is for the welfare of mankind. For most of us, there are some lessons that are more easily learned and kept than others. The temptation is to really shine where we are strong. The companion temptation is to ignore or minimize those matters that are more challenging to us. This, as well as all other temptations, must be resisted. The particular temptation we confront today is the ignoring and wasting of time. Many of us are plagued with the weakness of not using time wisely. We tend to argue that that simply is not true for us. However, before we close the door on this possibly being for us, let us consider these things.

The most obvious failure at “redeeming the time” is when we are not on task. We simply fail to do the things we should when we should. Perhaps it is an oversight. Maybe we just failed to understand where we should be and/or what we should be doing. If that is the case, then we need to be put on task. With guidance from the appropriate person, we should soon return to “redeeming the time.”

Another possible reason for being off task may simply be that we have decided that something else is more important. In this case, we re-order priorities. Now, the matter to which we are giving our attention may be important. The most vital matter, though, is whether it is the task for that time. If it is not, then we are out of order, and we need to resume the established order of priorities. Another perhaps less obvious failure at “redeeming the time” is somewhat tricky. In this case, the person is on task. The worker is present. The real issue is not presence, but productivity. Do we realize when we are being tempted to be in place, yet do little or nothing? We must remind ourselves that it is an assignment in kingdom-building. As such, it deserves prompt, quality attention.. Be reminded that our work speaks of us and our Savior even when we are absent. What would another believer or an unbeliever conclude about us and our Savior upon review of our work? So, “redeeming the time” in this case refers to quality-production in a timely manner.

One of the most powerful ways of offering a most powerful testimony is by “redeeming the time.” Wasted or misused time is never reclaimed. The Apostle Paul admonishes the Saints at Ephesus, Bethesda, and beyond regarding avoiding sinful lusts, walking carefully, and “redeeming the time.”

It is my prayer that we take heed.

Shalom my Friends

Pastor Kenneth C. Doe