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Message From Our Pastor

Message From Our Pastor


Stand!! Ephesians 6:13 offers this admonition and exhortation: “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, stand.” Frustration, anxiety, anger, depression, feelings of failure, and many of their kinsmen are constantly available to wear down believers. What begins as a moment of doubt can become an overwhelming, devastating, ominous rush. Most of us probably expect some problems or pitfalls along life’s way. However, Satan, the enemy of our souls, specializes in magnifying matters that in reality are manageable. In order to buffet Satan’s attacks and advance evangelistic efforts, we are directed to put on the whole armour of God. Yes, you and I can endure and advance because of this armour. What happens, though, when we’re subjected to prolonged and/or intense attacks? What happens when saint has put on the whole armour and use the whole armour? What is our resolve when we have done all we know to do? Well, according to God’s Holy Word, we “Stand.” Ephesians 6:13 tells us why the armour is essential. The text teaches that we need the armour, “that ye may be able to withstand…” Withstand what, we may ask? Do you not remember those dastardly kinsmen who come bringing misery to us? Those kinsmen (fiery darts) are what we withstand. Why is it, though, that we can do a good job of employing armour, yet suffer loss? Sometimes, the fight leaves us so exhausted that we become vulnerable.

We must trust and believe in the Lord to forgive us for our sins. Sometimes, God wants us to take the long path around. But we get impatient and because of it, we land on the ground. How we finish the path is not always how we start. We have to lean on Jesus and keep Him in our hearts. We must stop mourning and holding things that we can toss. Just release those things and focus on the cross. We can’t rise to riches if we stay in first gear. We must shift at least to second, because we’ve been in first all year. We keep looking on the past that’s long over and done. We need to use all that energy to focus on the Son. Let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves like we’ve been deceived. God will help us bear our burdens like He did when we first believed. We mess things up and try to fix it but we don’t know how. Once it’s messed up, we want Jesus to fix it and do it now. We point our fingers at others in things they say or do. When you point one, three fingers are pointing back at you. When we don’t have the love of Jesus in our hearts, we act any kind of way. But once we get saved we see things as different as night is from day. We know we cannot change what has happened to us. We must focus to change what happens in us, that’s a must. We are about to start a New Year and that’s twenty, twenty. There will be problems and I’m sure there will be many. Remember to stay prayed up and focus on the one who cares. If we slip and lose focus, we will definitely shed some tears. The journey will not be easy but we must endure to the end, know that Jesus is not only our Savior, know He is our friend.

We let down our guards. We seem to assume that we can rest because our enemy is momentarily out of sight. Those moments, though ever so brief, can be the times when Satan launches effective offenses. We get a little too comfortable; we lay down our offensive armour; we compromise our ability to guard ourselves. How can we ensure that we not fall victim to Satan’s plans to wear us down, and then overtake us? Well, after we have done everything our armour empowers us to do; we just “Stand.”      

Shalom, my Friends,      

Pastor Kenneth Doe